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HEMI Technical Info

New Website

In an effort to provide convenient update-to-date information to our clients and fellow racers, we have changed the format of our site .
Our goal is to make the new site more user friendly. We hope you find it easier navigate and are able to find the information that you need. We will continue to update the technical areas on a regular basis.

Hemi Cuda Project

The ultimate street machine has to be the "HEMI CUDA"... Then, what would be the ultimate
 "HEMI CUDA" Well,  Dark Side Racing put a spare Top Fuel engine (a little detuned) into a
custom tube chassis,  Lenco 3 speed ,  SSI 14/71, Knute  Injector, and tons of custom made parts 
   (Actually, I should rephrase that:  In the picture on the right it weights 1705 lbs - not quite finished )